Will Immigration help Australia and possibly…the world?

Posted on April 7, 2010 by Benson Shi

With the recent announcement from the federal opposition on immigration and population, several people spoke up about the need of Australia and the rest of the world to maintain its migration levels

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, the head of Australia Industry Groups Heather Ridout said that it was ridiculous to suggest that Australia’s population growth is out of control. “If we are going to make that choice to restrict migrants, over the years we are going to have to pay higher taxes to support an ageing population. “

Former member of the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunal Professor Mirko Bargaric, is of the opinion that the idea of migration will not only benefit Australia but could also end worldwide poverty.

He believes that at the moment:

“Even in the supposed enlightenment of the 21st century, most still prefer people of their own type and find different cultures jarring. Foreigners are tolerated, but only to the extent that they have something to offer”

Professor Bargaric ‘s comment is of a reasonable one, as the Coalition’s plan when elected to government is to still allow skilled migration but cut on family reunion stream. Therefore, unless a person has a high enough English skill and work in a high-value profession or an occupation where skill shortages occur in Australia, he or she would have little to no chance of migrating to Australia.

Professor Bargaric then said that migration into western countries, including Australia will likely to have a positive effect not only on the economy of each country but also to the world in general:

“The best way to ameliorate Third World poverty is by massively increasing migration to the West. Left to their own devices many people would gravitate to life-sustaining resources, leading to a rough equilibrium between the world’s resources and its population”

It will be interesting to see what my readers and fellow practitioners have to say. What do you think?