The New Skilled Occupation List: Lawyers not on the list

Posted on August 17, 2021 by Benson Shi

The Minister of Immigration and Citizenship finally made an announcement on the new Skilled Occupation List. There were 443 occupations on the Old Skilled Occupation List and only 181 occupations on the new one. Unfortunately, legal practitioners did not make the cut.

If you are an overseas practitioner looking to work in Australia or an international student graduating from a Law degree, you have until the 1st of July 2010 to lodge your application.

But if you can’t lodge your application in time, fear not, there are other pathways for lawyers to work in Australia.

This will include:

Getting Sponsored by a law firm/company: subclass 457 and 856 (onshore) or 121 (offshore)

There are several occupations that allows Legal Practitioner to be sponsored on the 457 or 856 without them having to be admitted as a solicitor in Australia. This includes occupations such as: Legal Researcher and Law Officer.

While employed under those occupations, you can hopefully satisfy the requirements for you to be admitted in Australia.

Getting sponsored by a state: subclass 886 OR Working in a Regional Area: subclass 487 (provisional) and 887 (permanent)


According to the chart above, you can apply for a subclass 487 (Regional) and 886 (Non-Regional) in NSW. Furthermore, you can also apply for a subclass 487 (Regional) and 886 (Non-Regional) in Northern Territory. And there is a limited amount of places for Lawyers to apply for a subclass 886 (Non-Regional) in ACT.

Our principal Solicitor, Mrs. Anne O’Donoghue, is going to give a seminar in Dublin for the Law Society of Ireland on the 14th of July 2010 to address the possibility of Irish Lawyers and other overseas lawyers to come and work in Australia.

We will publish more detail on the seminar as soon as possible, and let us know if you are in the area and is interested in attending!

Originally posted on March 17, 2010 @ 2:00 pm