Information for Interstate Applicants

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Emily

Immigration Solutions is commended for its accessibility, both in the quality of the service we deliver and how we deliver advice and results for clients. Through 20 years of experience, Anne O’Donoghue, Immigration Solutions’ Principal Lawyer, has built a clientele base across the country. This ensures that whilst the practice is based in Sydney, regional or interstate clients are able to continue to enjoy the high quality of service offered by the firm.

Below is a breakdown of our services and the flexibility of our operations to accommodate clients, wherever they may be based.



Consultation over the Phone




Face-to-Face consultation via Skype


ASSESSMENT STAGE Email Correspondence This is our usual and preferred method of correspondence no matter where the client is based.


Originals Required Any original documents required can be copied, certified and/or scanned to our offices.




Mailed to our offices by post


For further information regarding Visas as well as any general immigration queries, please feel free to contact Immigration Solutions Lawyers at (02) 9264 6432.