Immigration Solutions Lawyers Promoting 457 visas

Posted on November 7, 2021 by Emily

Immigration Solutions Lawyers (‘ISL’) has always been a proactive supporter of 457 visas. They provide a number of benefits to the economy.

Some of these benefits include:

  • 457s allow employees to hire specialised staff to support their Australian businesses
  • The visa holders fill critical business needs that cannot be met by the Australian workforce
  • People with experience and specialised skills are in demand in certain areas of the workforce and can be the key to business expansion
  • The visa holders benefit Australian businesses by providing an increase in commercial growth and in performance levels
  • Visa holders strengthen the Australian economy
  • The visa holders contribute to the economy, they pay taxes and they are not eligible for government benefits

Despite these benefits provided by 457 visa holders, the visa still meets some resistance. The Australian community needs to keep in mind the fact that there are major restrictions placed on 457 visas to ensure that they are not being misused. For example, minimum salaries are enforced to prevent undercutting Australian workers, the visa holders are limited to a 4 year stay, and applicants are confined to workers who are highly skilled. Seventy percent of 457 visa holders are highly paid professionals or managers, and ninety-five percent work in the private sector.[1]

The 457 scheme is also important in filling shortages in remote areas. The scheme has been, “especially effective in recruiting skilled workers to regional and remote areas where there has been great difficulty in recruiting Australians, especially in medical services, engineering and specialised skilled trades.”[2]

ISL is committed to promoting 457 visas. Most recently, ISL’s principal lawyer Anne O’Donoghue was interviewed by Channel Nine News. Mrs O’Donoghue utilised this opportunity to spread information about the benefits of 457 visas.

Click here to view the Channel Nine News segment: AOD Channel 9.MOV

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