IBA’s Annual Conference in Boston: Questions and Discussions

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Emily

The Annual Conference of the IBA was held in Boston from the 6th-11th October. In this conference legal associates discussed various issues in law through different talks and programs. The sessions are as follows:

Illegal immigration: Is there a realistic solution?

This discussion led by Enrique Arellano and Ezequiel Hernandez had detailed the causes and impact of illegal immigration, immigration policies and how they could be improved along with the public opinion on illegal immigrants. Further expanding on these issues, was the treatment of undocumented workers and how to solve the problem of the mistreatment of illegal migrants. The public opinion is often mixed regarding the status of an illegal migrant; that is, whether or not they are considered to be victims or criminals. This session was important in demonstrating illegal migrants are not the invaders the media tends to portray them to be.

Following the money trail

Jelle Kroes and ISL’s, Anne O’Donoghue were both co-chairs of the session, “Following the money trail-strategic positioning in the global investment market.” There was a focus on general trends in global policy developments and a discussion of world economies competing to attract entrepreneurs and investors to their jurisdictions. The discussion was based on the use of advantages such as permanent residence and minimum capital thresholds to lure these investors and entrepreneurs.

The growing importance of corporate immigration and international employment law in transactions

Shalini Agarwal, Gunther Mävers and Peter Talibart led the discussion on Global Mobility. This was a roundtable conference that invited participants to be involved in an active discussion. A second tier was placed as the session attracted approximately 40 participants. Issues discussed included the change of an employer complicating the employee’s temporary residence and the risks of employees being uncooperative with employment and migration laws.

The Nationality and Law Committee sessions were most successful and were indicative of the global interest in corporate and economic migration.

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