Frank O’Donoghue: Contributions to the Irish Community

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Emily

Frank O’Donoghue, husband of our principal lawyer Anne O’Donoghue, is the founder and Inaugural Chairperson of the Irish Australian Welfare Bureau (‘IAWB’). Frank was awarded a Certificate of Recognition to celebrate twenty years of significant contribution to the Irish community in NSW. He received his award from the President of the IAWB, Elizabeth Kenny, and Senator O’Neill.

Frank established the IAWB in 1995 after recognising that there was a great need within the Irish community for a welfare organisation in Sydney. Australia has a rich history of Irish immigration. In 1791 the first 155 Irish convicts arrived in Sydney but they were followed by many more; between 1840 and 1914, over 300,000 Irish settlers migrated to Australia.[1]

The IAWB seeks to engender a sense of belonging for Irish immigrants in Australia and to provide welfare for Irish people who are in genuine need and does so on a non-discriminatory basis. The objectives of the association include:

  • To provide social advice to Irish immigrants regarding their rights and available services, in order to assist them to make a smooth transition into Australian society
  • To provide advice and assistance to Irish people in detention, and their families
  • To offer advice and assistance regarding housing and accommodation
  • To advise and assist with unemployment issues and employment procedures/rights
  • To offer assistance and visitations to people in hospitals and nursing homes
  • To research, enhance and promote Irish culture in Australia and to do this by using the existing framework within the Irish community

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Congratulations Frank!

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From left to right: President Elizabeth Kenny IAWB, Senator O’Neill, Anne O’Donoghue, Frank O’Donoghue, Michael O’Donoghue


[1] Australian Irish Voice, Spirit of the Irish Diaspora in Australia