Focus on Computing and ICT Professionals

Posted on April 22, 2010 by Benson Shi

A recent report released by the Clarius Group indicated that Computing Professionals are amongst those with the highest level of skill shortage in Australia.

They have indicated that the planned implementation of the National Broadband Network will require an average 25,000-37,000 jobs every year.This will place a significantly increasing pressure on the Australian labour market, particularly on computing occupations. Furthermore, they stated that the solution to ease this pressure would be using the 457 visa to hire staff from overseas.

According to the latest statistics published by DIAC, Computing Professionals is the number 2 occupation with the most 457 visa granted in the year 2009 – February 2010.

Computing Professionals, as defined by the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO):

“Design and prepare software to meet specific requirements in all aspects of the computing environment, and control and audit the operation of computing facilities within an organisation”

It includes:

  • Systems Manager
  • Systems Designer
  • Software Designer
  • Applications and Analyst Programmer
  • System Programmer
  • Computer Systems Audito
  • Computing Professionals not elsewhere classified

For an occupation in such high-demand, it is interesting to see what other pathways besides the 457 can applicants with this nominated occupation take to come to Australia?

The following chart shows whether or not ‘Computing Professionals’ is included in the list for 457, 856, and the General Skilled Migration list (Skilled Occupation List). Furthermore, as the current SOL will be replaced in mid-2010, the closest prediction that we have is the “Specialised Occupation” list compiled by Skills Australia, published in their paper Australian Workforces Future as the base of the upcoming new Skilled Occupation List.

Furthermore, applicants with nominated occupation of ‘Computing Professionals’ will also be able to migrate to Australia to some designated state and regions through the State (NR) and Regional (R) Sponsorship as illustrated in the chart below:

From these two charts, it is clear that applicants that fall within the occupation have good chances in migrating to Australia, provided that they met the qualification requirements and have no adverse information with regards to their health and character issue.

Furthermore, several industry-driven publications such as Computerworld and ITWire News have also indicated that ICT Skills are currently in shortage with the need of overseas workers to fill in the gaps.

Recently, Opposition Immigration spokesperson Scott Morrison announced that the should the Coalition be elected this year, they would cut back on the number of visas for temporarry migrants which include the 457 visas.

At the moment, even though Computing Professional is the second occupation with the most succesful 457 visa grant, Australia is still experiencing a high level of skill shortage and a surge of demand for overseas worker.

Should the 457 visa numbers be cut down, this will definitely put pressure on the country to have this precise skill.

It will be interesting to see how it develops in the future. Watch this space for more updates!

If you have a nominated occupation that belongs in the unit group of “Computing Professionals” and want to migrate to Australia, we will be more than willing to help you. Feel free to send us an email!