Checklist for Completion of Visa Applications

Posted on August 7, 2015 by Emily

Now that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has moved to online lodgements for most visa categories the perception is that an online lodgement is easy. The digital application brings with it definite streamlined advantages for visa processing. However the reality can be deceiving and due care and attention must be taken when completing a visa application online. This process can be difficult and at times confusing.  Therefore, being aware of relevant information and knowing where to find it is essential to obtain a positive outcome for your visa application.


9 Useful steps in the visa application process

Pre- lodgement

  1. The official website for DIBP is
  2. The DIBP does not charge to download forms online. Click here to find the appropriate paper forms. Alternatively, online lodgements are available for some visa categories. You will need to create an account on ImmiAccount to access the online application forms.
  3. Read the instructions carefully before completing the application. If you need help with the documentation or understanding the terminology, Immigration Solutions Lawyers (ISL) have a dedicated team that can help you through the process.
  4. The paper application forms must be signed before being submitted with the Department. If you are lodging an application online you will be asked to confirm the information provided and that you have read and understood the questions and the process.
  5. Both online and paper forms must be filled out with true and accurate information before being submitted, and you must never sign a blank form.
  6. The online fee calculator is useful however it should be used with care. Click here to find application fees.
  7. Find out how to pay for the application here.
  8. All documents to be submitted with your visa application must be certified by a Justice of the Peace. You should submit a certified copy and not the original document, unless the DIBP specifically requests the originals.
  9. Make sure to keep a copy of all documentation and forms for your record.



  1. The department will provide the applicant with a copy of the receipt and invoice of payment.
  2. The receipt can be used to keep track of your application.
  3. Once your application has been lodged, make sure to upload the appropriate evidence and paperwork to your individual Immi account. If you have lodged a paper application, you may need to make sure you submit your documentation with your visa application forms.


Getting the correct and appropriate information together for your application can be time consuming and difficult but is a necessary step. In order to be successful ISL assists individuals and companies in guiding them through this process and in building a strong body of evidence.

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Visas affected by PIC 4020

Inadvertent errors on online lodgement of a visa application can be made. In some instances this can result in a refusal of the visa.  Again, extreme care should be taken and advice sought. It is essential to use an experienced Immigration Lawyer or Migration Consultant to ensure that the application meets validity requirements and is not subject to pic 4020 and has good prospects in meeting the visa approval criteria.

According to Departmental statistics, as at June 2014 about 7801 visa applications were considered for refusal under PIC 4020.


Immigration law is a fast-paced, complex and constantly changing. This makes it imperative to have the right help when completing your application. Immigration Solutions Lawyers is led by accredited specialist Anne O’Donoghue who has over 22 years of experience in the industry. Lawyers at ISL combine experience, creativity and lateral thinking to provide expert advice on immigration matters and achieve resolution to visa problems.


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Read the Department statistics as stated in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Annual Report 2013-14.