Changing Skilled Professional Lists, 1 July 2017

Posted on June 30, 2017 by Emily

Today the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) have been amended, to be applied from July 1, 2017. For a full list of the occupations on both the STSOL and the MSTSSL, visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Website:

A table of the occupations that have been added back on to the list as of 1 July 2017 follows:

Occupations ANZSCO Code STSOL or MLTSSL
Aeroplane Pilot 231111 STSOL
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics) 323111 STSOL
Artistic Director 212111 STSOL
Biochemist 234513 MLTSSL
Biotechnologist 234514 MLTSSL
Butcher or Smallgoods Maker 351211 STSOL
Geophysicist 234412 MLTSSL
Helicopter Pilot 231114 STSOL
Horse Trainer 361112 MLTSSL
Hydrogeologist 234413 MLTSSL
ICT Support and Test Engineers NEC 263299 STSOL
Life Scientist (General) 234511 MLTSSL
Life Scientists NEC 234599 MLTSSL
Metallurgist 234912 MLTSSL
Music Director 211212 STSOL
Music Professionals NEC 211299 STSOL
Natural and Physical Science Professionals NEC 234999 MLTSSL
Petroleum Engineer 233612 MLTSSL
Production Manager (Manufacturing) 133512 STSOL
Research and Development Manager 132511 STSOL
Retail Buyer 639211 STSOL
Web Developer 261212 STSOL


The Occupations that have changed lists or have been removed from both lists follows:

Occupation  ANZSCO Code Previously Now
Botanist 234515 STSOL MLTSSL
Chemist 234211 STSOL MLTSSL
Chief Executive or Managing Director 111111 STSOL MLTSSL
Chief Information officer 135111 STSOL MLTSSL
Conservator 234911 STSOL MLTSSL
Corporate General Manager 111211 STSOL MLTSSL
Economist 224311 STSOL MLTSSL
Engineering Professionals (nec) 233999 STSOL MLTSSL
Environmental Consultant 234312 STSOL MLTSSL
Environmental Manager 139912 STSOL MLTSSL
Environmental Research Scientist 234313 STSOL MLTSSL
Environmental Scientists (nec) 134399 STSOL MLTSSL
Equipment Hire Manager 149915 STSOL Removed
Faculty Head 134411 STSOL MLTSSL
Fleet Manager 149411 STSOL Removed
ICT Security Specialist 262112 STSOL MLTSSL
Marine Biologist 234516 STSOL MLTSSL
Meteorologist 234913 STSOL MLTSSL
Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) 233611 STSOL MLTSSL
Minister of Religion 272211 STSOL Removed
Multimedia Specialist 261211 STSOL MLTSSL
Musician (Instrumental) 211213 STSOL MLTSSL
Picture Framer 394212 STSOL Removed
Property Manager 612112 STSOL Removed
Psychotherapist 272314 MLTSSL Removed
Real Estate Agency Principal 612113 STSOL Removed
Real Estate Agent 612114 STSOL Removed
Real Estate Representative 612115 STSOL Removed
Software & Applications Programmers 261399 STSOL MLTSSL
Statistician 224113 STSOL MLTSSL
Structural Engineer 233214 MLTSSL STSOL
University Lecturer 242111 STSOL MLTSSL
University Tutor 242112 STSOL Removed
Zoologist 234518 STSOL MLTSSL

For further information on the changes occurring on 1 July, 2017, keep updated on our website ( or for any assistance with your visa application, call 1300 428 472.