Partner Visas - 820 Onshore Spouse & De Facto Relationship

Prohibition on Sponsor – with two previous sponsorships

This application involved significant limitations placed on the sponsor. Previously, the sponsor had two approved partner sponsorships before expressing the wish to sponsor the present applicant. Given the sponsor’s history with the Department of Immigration therefore, the sponsor faced the limitation of regulation 1.20J. Our offices submitted an argument claiming that the first of the

8503 No Further Stay on Applicant – 820 Visa Granted

The applicant came to Australia on a visa that had subsequently expired. As an overstayer of his visa, the applicant lodged a protection visa, which was refused by the Department. The applicant lodged an appeal to the Refugee Review Tribunal for the application to be reviewed. The Tribunal decided to affirm the original decision-maker’s decision

Same-sex couples thinking of applying for partner visas

Visa Granted This case is in regards to a same-sex relationship. The applicant and sponsor are from countries, where, culturally, it is quite difficult for people to disclose their homosexual relationship to their friends and family. Not much evidence was available to ISL to submit with the client’s visa application. Nevertheless, ISL was able to