Partner Visas - 309 Offshore Spouse

Genuineness of a Relationship

This case involved a 309 Partner visa application. The Applicant initially applied for a Tourist visa, but it was refused. The Sponsor then began providing financial support to the Applicant in early 2001. The Applicant and the Sponsor began an informal relationship over the telephone in May 2011. In October, the Applicant and Sponsor met

Establishing Proof of a Genuine Relationship

The Applicant and Sponsor met in Australia, and after a short relationship the Applicant returned to her home country. They later discovered that the Applicant was pregnant. They have since been married for over a year, and have been living together for periods of time while the Sponsor visited the Applicant in her home country.

The Necessity of Demonstrating Genuineness of Relationship

The Applicant and Sponsor met online in 2011 and proper communication began in March 2012. In August 2012 the Sponsor travelled to Eastern Europe and in October of that year they married. In December the Sponsor moved back to Australia. The couple lived apart due to the Applicants study commitments in Europe and the Sponsor