Partner Visas - 309 Offshore Spouse

Representing the facts in a visa application

The Applicant applied for a 300 visa, through another Migration Agent, but this visa application was refused – it failed during the interview because the genuineness of the relationship came into question and there were several problems with the information provided in the forms. After the application was refused in the first instance, the Applicant

Third sponsorship allowed for genuine spousal relationship

Regulation 1.20J waived The Sponsor obtained Australian Citizenship and married his first wife, an Australian Citizen. The marriage broke down 4 years later. In 1987, the Sponsor then re- married and sponsored his first spouse on a Spouse Visa. The first spouse subsequently arrived in Australia and lived together with the Sponsor. After 12 years

Inclusion of Family Members – Successful grant

0806664 [2009] MRTA 970 The applicant had applied for a subclass 309 Offshore Spouse Visa and had included his parents and half-sister in the application. The applicant’s initial application had failed because he had could not show that his parents and half-sister were ‘members of the family unit’. According to legislation, a person is only