Ministerial Intervention

Businessman overstays by 23 years &Ministerial Appeal

Pending The applicant, a European Union citizen, entered Australia on a six-month tourist visa. Upon the lapse of this visa, the applicant was persuaded by his family in Australia to remain in the country to provide care, as a last resort, to his ill relatives. Pressured by these circumstances, the applicant chose to overstay his

Concerns for children’s interests & family cohesion leads Minister to grant visas.

Visas granted The applicant is a citizen of the Pacific Islands who overstayed a subclass 676 Visitor Visa in 1992. The applicant’s wife and son subsequently entered Australia on the same basis and the family expanded to include two daughters, one of which is an Australian citizen. After the applicant’s application for a visa was

Incorrectly advised by previous migration agent.

The applicant was an internationally recognized sportsman and has represented sports teams for his original country. He has traveled to and from Australia on numerous Sport visas between 1990 and 2009. In 2009, the applicant lodged an application for a Distinguished Talent visa in accordance with the advice of his previous migration agent. Consequently, under