Ministerial Intervention

Overstayed visa by 20 years & Strong argument for integration into Australian society

The applicant is originally from a Pacific Island Nation. The applicant has resided in Australia for 20 years and has not returned back to her country of birth. During her residence in Australia, she married her husband and now has three children born in Australia. The applicant, and her dependants, were living and working in

Unique and exceptional circumstances – physical and emtional dependence (same-sex relationship)

The applicant had been staying illegally in Australia after his visa had expired. We argued that there were unique and exceptional circumstances that required the Minister to intervene in this matter. These circumstances were that the applicant had developed a close and loving relationship with an Australian citizen who was HIV positive. This meant that

Fears for personal safety if forced to relocate – visa granted

The applicant was a citizen of a South East-Asian country and had first entered Australia as a student. He applied for a Protection Visa but was rejected. He appealed the decision but it was rejected again, and the matter was eventually taken to the MIU. In our submission, we emphasised the severe disadvantages his employers