Illegal Overstayer

Reuniting husband and wife through a secondary subclass 574 visa after a three-year ban

A potential consequence of overstaying your temporary visa in Australia is that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection may impose a three-year ban. The effect of this ban is that you cannot lodge an application to re-enter Australia during the three-year exclusion period. This can only be waived if you are able to show

Dependant Visa Subclass 457

The applicant arrived in Australia on a subclass 600 Visitor Visa while visiting with his mother for business purposes whom was on a subclass 457 Visa. When the applicant’s visa expired he remained in the country unlawfully. The applicants mother shortly after his arrival left Australia and reapplied for another subclass 457 visa on compelling

Protection Visa

This case involved an application for a protection visa (Class XA) (subclass 866). The Applicant arrived in Australia as a dependent applicant on his wife’s subclass 570 Student visa. While in Australia, they had two children together. Shortly after, the Applicant’s student visa expired. The Applicant was from the Middle East and was of a