Compelling Circumstances

Student Visa Cancellation

This case involved a notice of intention to cancel a student visa. The applicant was on a subclass 573 Student visa which is designed for international students who are applying to study in Australia at a participating Educational Institution. A condition imposed on the applicant’s visa prescribed that the visa holder must be enrolled in

Notified visa withdraw

Visa Granted The applicant had lodged a visa application through her previous migration agent. The applicant was notified by the department that the visa will be refused if not withdrawn by the following day. The applicant was pressured by her previous migration agent to withdraw the application. When the applicant inquired with us for advice,

Unlawful resident with belief of having citizenship

Citizenship Granted  The applicant was born in Australia in 1989 and had the belief that at birth, citizenship was automatically granted. Towards the end of high school, the applicant realised there was no citizenship granted and thus had been an unlawful resident. ISL believed the applicant to be an Australian citizen by right because the