Successful Subclass 457 Visa Remittance

August 27, 2015 - Unreported Cases

The Applicant came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers (ISL) seeking help with a review refusal of a Subclass 457 temporary business entry visa application.

Whilst compiling the necessary information for the review, ISL was able to determine that the Applicant’s past Migration Agent had failed to establish the appropriate skill level of the visa applicant.

ISL prepared the required evidence for the Migration Review Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (the Tribunal) at very short notice, only 2 days prior to the hearing. Evidence was submitted in support of applying discretion with respect to an exemption not to require a skills assessment to prove that the Applicant had the relevant Australian qualifications for his occupation prior to the initial refusal. At the same time a further submission was also put forward based upon a Skills Assessment application which had already been lodged but not approved at the time of the hearing. ILS undertook further work and submissions to the skills assessment body whilst the skills assessment was in process. The AAT elected to await the outcome of the skills assessment application which was positive.

The evidence provided by ISL was found to be sufficient and the Applicant’s Subclass 457 visa application was remitted back to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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