The Importance of Meeting the Criteria in your Application for a Resident Return (subclass) 155 Visa

October 11, 2016

When applying for your Resident Return (subclass 155) Visa, there are a number of different criteria that you must meet to pursue a successful outcome. Immigration Solutions Lawyers are able to assist you to increase your prospects of a successful Resident Return (subclass 155) Visa application.

The Resident Return (subclass 155) Visa allows Australian Permanent Residents, former Permanent Residents and former Australian Citizens travel facilities to and from Australia while retaining or regaining Permanent Residency status.

In this case the applicant entered Australia on a Permanent Skilled (subclass 136) Independent Visa. The applicant’s wife and two children have gained Australian Citizenship since their arrival in Australia. The applicant works overseas to support his family in Australia and has been granted two Resident Return (subclass 155) Visas previously. He has also had an Australian Citizenship application refused. The applicant approached Immigration Solutions Lawyers to help him with his third Resident Return (subclass 155) Visa application.

To apply for a Resident Return (subclass 155) visa, the applicant must be an Australian Permanent Resident, a former Australian Permanent Resident or a former Australian Citizen. To not invoke further criteria the applicant must also have spent time in Australia for a total of 2 years within the last 5 years. As the applicant is outside Australia and has not spent a total of 2 years out of the last 5 year in Australia, he must also show substantial ties to Australia. These may include business, cultural, employment or personal ties.

Immigration Solution Lawyers was able to work with the applicant to show his personal ties to Australia using his family ties of his wife and two children as well as his property assets in Australia. When an applicant has been outside Australia for more than 5 continuous years, the application must also include compelling reasons for the absence from Australia. Although the applicant was not absent for more than 5 continuous years, as he made regular trips to see his family, Immigration Solutions went above and beyond to strengthen the application and included compelling reasons for the applicant’s absence from Australia. The applicant left Australia for work to be able to support his family, including putting his daughter through medical school.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers was able to work with the applicant to successfully establish his substantial ties to Australia and his compelling reasons for being absent from Australia. The applicant was granted his Resident Return (subclass 155) and can continue to spend time with his family in Australia. The applicant hopes to one day have Australian Citizenship and settle with his family in Australia.

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