Dependant Visa Subclass 457

June 11, 2015 - Unreported Cases

The applicant arrived in Australia on a subclass 600 Visitor Visa while visiting with his mother for business purposes whom was on a subclass 457 Visa. When the applicant’s visa expired he remained in the country unlawfully.

The applicants mother shortly after his arrival left Australia and reapplied for another subclass 457 visa on compelling and compassionate grounds affecting the interests of an Australian company.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers (ISL) lodged a schedule 3 for the applicant so he could be included as a dependant on his mother’s subclass 457 Visa. ISL determined that the applicant remained in Australia unlawfully due to his psychological condition and state of mind which may have contributed to his failure to leave the country before the expiry of his substantive Visa.

The applicant was found to be dependent on his mother upon the arrival back into the country both financially and emotionally. The applicant was found to have been wholly reliant on his mother for financial support to meet his needs for food, clothing and shelter.  Further ISL argued that the Applicant lives with the Main Visa Holder and intends to study full time.

ISL’s submission of the schedule 3 argument and application of subclass 457 dependant visa was successful in the approval of the visa for the applicant.