8503 condition & Elderly grandmother & Condition waived

September 5, 2021 - Unreported Cases

The applicant is a citizen of the UK, and arrived in Australia on a tourist visa. The tourist visa had a 8503 No Further Stay Condition’ imposed on it, which prohibits an applicant from making any other visa applications to stay in Australia (with the exception of a protection visa). Normally, 8503 waivers are difficult to achieve, and currently DIAC waives the 8503 condition in 20% of cases.

In order to waive the condition, we submitted that the applicant was an elderly woman who had recently been diagnosed with asthma and her son in Australia was the only available caretaker who could look after her. We highlighted the relevant compassionate factors, including the applicant’s elderly age, her health conditions, her lack of family support in the United Kingdom and her recent diagnosis of asthma.

The submissions were accepted, the condition was waived and a contributory parent visa was lodged for the applicant.

Originally posted on May 3, 2011 @ 2:00 pm