Australia’s new $5million Significant Investment Visa

Posted on September 22, 2021 by Emily

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Exciting times ahead for business men and women looking for a bright and prosperous future in Australia.

The government has announced a new visa pathway for investors coming to Australia .  It’s called the significant investor visa and commences from November 24, 2012.

To be eligible – applicants must:

  • Submit and expression of interest on the SkillSelect portal
  • Be nominated by a state or territory government
  • Make investments of a least five million Australian dollars into complying investments

If you would like to invest at least A$5 million in government complying investments, the Australian Federal Government will consider your investment sufficient for a visa concession with exemption to satisfy the innovation points test or the required upper age limits.  This is part of the business innovation and investment program and subject to the lodgment of an “expression of interest” (EOI), which must be ACURATELY prepared.

That’s why it’s always prudent to contact law practices like Immigration Solutions Lawyers so they can do the rest.  Immigration lawyers are qualified to assist with specific legal obligations and walk applicants through the requirements and processes needed to be granted Australia’s significant investment visa.  For a positive result awyers can guide you every step of the way, from submission of an EOI to finalizing visa application/s.

If an applicant is already a visa holder a lawyer can assist in extending an initial four-year visa by an additional two-year period.

Complying investments for this significant investment visa stream include:

  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulated managed funds
  • State and territory government bonds
  • Direct investment into private Australian companies not listed on the Australian stock exchange

Significant investment visa applicants can also hold investments in each of the above investment options and are permitted to change between complying investments, as long as they continue to meet the stipulated reinvestment requirements.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers can also aid the applicant in satisfying the residence requirement of 160-days in Australia while holding this visa and if approached correctly, law practices like Immigration Solutions Lawyers can do this at any time throughout the durations of that four-year visa.

Lawyers are better equipped to assist the applicant with this and with all other aspects of the significant investment visa/s.  Should the applicant decide to go ahead lawyers can and do provide comprehensive advice in all business innovation and investment visa subclasses as well as “start up” 457 visas.

Note:  The investment must be held in the name of the applicant, or together with the name of their spouce or de facto partner.

For more inforation on the signigicant investment visa it is recommended that the applicant read an Department of Immigraton and Citizenship (DIAC) attachment

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