AUD$5million SIV, speed up review process

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Emily

Coalition government said in a statement on March 9, will announce a new $ 5 million major investor visa program (SIV) after the review. Immigration and Border Protection Department assistant secretary, SenatorCashsaid: review will focus on giving more flexibility and investment SIV applicant selection, while speeding up the approval process. Government will also consider the possibility of introducing a new category of permanent resident visas.” According to Karsh revealed that from November 2012 to begin implementation of the SIV program during the federal election in September 2013, only 28 were successful immigrant visa by SIV, with a total investment amount of 140 million Australian dollars. After September 2013, the ruling party since the league has more than 116 applicants by SIV immigrants, with a total investment amount of more than 580 million Australian dollars. This review will further help Australia by SIV to attract more international investment, improve Australia’s competitiveness in the international market. Austar Immigration Consultant Miss Gu Wensong said that under the current SIV visa program, all willing to come up with $ 5 million investment in Australia may be specified by the project applicant SIV immigrants, but the investment of time will be no less than 4 years. Australia’s immigration policy will actively attract more attention to the domestic high net worth population, immigration to Australia will be a wider door.